• We are nominated Agent for Visa Processing by thailand embassy

VISA Processing

Visa Processing

Obtaining a visa for a particular destination is usually a strenuous process. Realizing this as a basic necessity, we offer specialized services to help you obtaining the same without any pains.We are nominated agent for Visa processing by Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand Embassies. We also process visa for Australia, Schengen countries, India etc.

Check List for Visa Processing :
    1. Passport should be valid for next 06 months.
    2. Color Photographs (Straight- White background) – Copies .
    3. Personal Financial Documents �
      1. Bank Statements: Last 06 months / 12 months
      2. Bank Solvency Certificate.
    4. Service Holder Requirements �
      1. Salary Sheet – last 06 Months
      2. Employment letter from Employee
      3. Forwarding letter
      4. Updated Personal Tin Certificate
    5. Business Man Requirements
      1. Updated Trade License / Tin Certificate / Vat Copy
      2. Updated Personal Tin Certificate
      3. Forwarding letter on Letter head pad
      4. Article of Memorandum (If limited company)
      5. Trade body certificate (if any- Like DCCI/FBCCI/BGMEA/MCCI/Chambers of Commerce)
      6. Bank statement of Company last 12 months
    6. Invitation Letter (if have any)
    7. Air ticket / Travel Plan / Hotel Reservation copy.
    8. Birth Certificate.
    9. Travel Health Insurance certificate.
    10. Driving License / Police clearance / Nationality certificate.
    11. Property deeds/ FDR / Savings bonds copy (if have any)
    12. Office ID or visiting card
    13. Voter ID card.
    14. If Applicable A. Kabin Nama B. Marriage Certificate C. Divorce Certificate or Separation Documents
    15. For Children A. Birth certificate B. Leave letter from School

Terms & Conditions:

    1. Visa fee and service charges are payable before submission of application.
    2. Best Bangla Travels & Tour responsible to submit the Visa fee after collect it from Applicant.
    3. Visa fee and service charges are non-refundable in case of visa refusal.
    4. Best Bangla Travels & Tour not liable for visa refusal.
    5. In case of English translation / Notary public, charges should be to payable separately. (Not included in service charge).
    6. Applicants have to provide draft form (visa form) with detailed information.
    7. Applicants need to provide all original copies to make 1 set of Original copy file & 1 set of Photocopy File.
    8. After submission of all requires papers Best Bangla Travels & Tour will take 03 working days to complete application file.
    9. If any Embassy asks for interview, applicants have to face it him/herself.


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